Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Shigeko Toyota

Dear Student,

Hajimemashite.  Watashi wa Toyota Shigeko desu. Dozo yoroshiku. (How do you do. I am Shigeko Toyota. Nice to meet you.) I'm a Japanese instructor at Central High School.  I'm so excited that you are learning Japanese language and culture. Let me talk a little bit about myself.  I'm originally from Hiroshima, Japan. I moved to the US after graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo) with BA degree in Business Administration. Later I received my MA in secondary education from Arizona State University. I have teaching certificates in Japanese and Business from Arizona State Department of Education and Maricopa County Community Colleges. I have been teaching Japanese at Central High School and Maricopa County Community Colleges (Phoenix College and Glendale Community Colleges as an evening adjunct faculty) for the last 31 years. I have also been with Upward Bound Program at ASU since the summer of 1996. 

I enjoy watching foreign films, reading, cooking, traveling and learning foreign languages (English, Spanish, Portuguise, French and I'm currently studying Russian and Uzbek languages).  Learning other languages and cultures broadened my perspectives and enriched my life.  I feel very fortunate to be working at Central High School (Global Study Magnet Program).

Learning foreign language, especially one of the most difficult languages such as Japanese, a student must have good study habits. I want you to study the course materials well before the class, participate actively in any classroom activities and discussions, and prepare for exams and presentations at the end. You may want to use flash cards or use other study methods (games, songs etc.) to memorize vocabularies. Constant everyday efforts will bring a great result at the end. Japanese language can be fun and exciting.

If you are having any difficulties in subject matter, please e-mail me at You can also talk to me before and after the class.  I'll try my best to help you.

I'm very excited to teach you Japanese this year. Gambatte kudasai! (Do your best!)  GO BOBCATS!!!

Shigeko Toyota
Japanese Language Instructor