• Maryvale High School Library was selected to receive a grant from the American Library Association to teach computational thinking, skills to solve problems.

    Mrs. Kilker, Teacher Librarian, formed a collaboration with Ms. Gonzalez, the Child Development teacher.

    Teens in Child Development learned computational thinking, made handmade activities, learned electronic toys and learned software that could be used with ages 3-5 to encourage problem solving thinking skills.

    During the school showcase day and teen practice day for the preschoolers, other classes came to see the program.

    Councilman Valenzuela came to Maryvale Library to see the program and do interviews.  The City of Phoenix youtube channel has that interview.


    The preschoolers came to the library to do all of the activities.

    For preschool graduation, parents were invited to the library to also try the electronic toys and learn how they could continue teaching their children to problem solve.

    This powerpoint highlights the activities.



    Thank you to all the students who worked so hard to make the preschool rewarding.  Special thanks to Ms. Gonzalez, a great partner.


    Mrs. Kilker