• The instructor of this class requires submission of written assignments to turnitin.com, text-matching software for review and analysis of originality and intellectual integrity. If the results of the review indicate academic dishonesty, disciplinary action may be taken as outlined in the Student Handbook.

    Email is an important tool for academic communications. Turnitin.com will also be used to communicate important course information. Please provide a valid email address when registering for your turnitin.com account.

    • Mass general notifications (e.g., information sessions, graduation notices)
    • Mass individual mailings (e.g., class information)
    • Individual correspondence (e.g., instructor correspondence)


    All students must enroll themselves in the turn it in section for thier specific class period. The enrollment key for all classes is RJackson. Each class period has a unique class ID number, listed below. This is not your school ID number.


    How to submit to turnitin.com