• Technology Resources for Physics

  • Logger Pro & Video Physics

    Get the Greatest Graphing Program on the Globe for PHREE!! 

    PXU has the fancy site license that lets you get Vernier's awesome Logger Pro for PHREE!!! The super-secret installation link is available in Canvas (look for the assignment to install LoggerPro).  If you can install this on a home computer, it will let you work on labs and lab reports at home. Otherwise you'll need to do your LoggerPro work on a school computer. 

    Video Physics for your iPhone/iPad
    Also, if you have an iPhone or iPad and $5 to burn, you can download the supercool VIDEO PHYSICS app from Vernier - the same company that makes Logger Pro (and a lot of the cool equipment we use).  You don't NEED this, but seriously, if you've got the cash on hand, why wouldn't you WANT it?!!

    Click here for the Video Physics info site
    Click here for the app store to download Video Physics