• Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) Important Employee Benefits Program Notices (IEBN)

    This document contains important employee benefit program notices of interest to you and your family; please share this information with your family members.  Some of the notices in the IEBN are required by law while other notices contain helpful information.  These notices are updated from time to time and some of the federal notices are updated each year.  Please be sure that you are reviewing an updated version of the IEBN.

    Note:  The full notices of the following are included within this document.

    • Health Insurance Marketplace Notice
    • Medicare Part D Notice
    • PXU HIPAA Privacy Notice
    • Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and CHIP Notice

     The IEBN is available via the below link:

    2024-2025 Important Employee Benefit Notices (IEBN)

  • PXU Insurance Cancellation and Change Policies:

    Because PXU offers pre-tax deductions, we are governed by IRS statute in regards to mid-year changes and FSA cancellation due to end of employment.  Please read the notices below for more information.

    End of Employment:

    If you sever your employment with PXU, all insurance benefits via the PXU will terminate on the last day of the month in which your contracted employment ends with the exception of the flexible spending accounts which terminate the last day of your employment.  You will be offered COBRA continuation coverage whereby you will be eligible to keep your medical, dental, and/or vision insurance for an additional 18 months. You can also convert your life insurance to an individual policy; if interested in conversion, please contact the Benefits Department @ 602-764-1538.  For more information on your post-employment insurance options, the PXU Early Retirement Program, unused leave, and retirement, please visit the Resignation/Retirement webpage.

    Mid-year Changes:  

    Generally, you will not be allowed to change your benefit elections or add/delete dependents mid-year unless you have a Special Enrollment Event or a Mid-year Change in Status Event.  In the event you experience a qualifying event (QE), you must notify the plan within 31 days of the mid-year change in status event by contacting the District’s Employee Benefits Coordinator at 602-764-1538.  The Plan will determine if your change request is permitted and, if so, will provide further instructions.  Note: the effective date of any changes will generally correspond with the QE in order to prevent any lapse in coverage.

  • Flexible Spending Account Plan Documents/Summary Plan Description

    The Flex Plan Document and Summary Plan Description are available via the links below. You can also request a copy from the District’s Employee Benefits Coordinator at 602-764-1538.

    Flex Plan Document

    Flex Summary Plan Description