• Bioscience Learner Profile

    Posted by Brooke Shapiro-Heisel on 10/30/2017

    Students who succeed at Bioscience High School possess the following qualities:

    • An interest in math and science
    • The ability to work hard and manage a rigorous workload
    • The ability to work well with their peers
    • A willingness to grow and mature as a learner
    • The ability to think flexibly and creatively
    • Grade level proficiency in math and reading (Bioscience freshmen take: Methods of Scientific Inquiry, English H 1-2, Integrated Math H 1-2, Spanish H 1-2 or Spanish for Spanish Speakers, Art 1-2, and Health/Fitness 1-2)
    • A willingness to consider diverse perspectives
    • Self-responsibility, motivation, and independence
    • A willingness to improve their communication skills and leadership skills
    • A desire to continue their education after high school
    • A willingness to revise their work to gain a deeper understanding of challenging concepts
    • The ability to ask for help and to help the people around them
    • A desire to invest time and energy into their community
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