• Mr. Hickman



    U.S./AZ History

    U.S./AZ History Honors



    Bachelor's of Arts in Education, Secondary (Arizona State University)

    Master's of Science in Educational Theory and Practice (Arkansas State University)


    About me:

    I love learning about history and how the past shaped the present. The story of America is a fascinating and ever changing story. I look forward to learning about the history, culture, and beliefs of the United States with a new class of students. 

    Before I was a teacher I was a Correction's Officer for a short while. I decided that what I really wanted to do was teach. Teaching is a very rewarding career that I hope to share with all of you. 


    Office Hours:

    7:00-7:30 and 2:35-3:00 Monday-Friday



    Period 1: U.S./AZ History Honors

    Period 2: U.S./AZ History

    Period 3: Prep. Period

    Period 4: Advisory

    Period 5: Lunch

    Period 6: U.S./AZ History

    Period 7: U.S./AZ History Honors

    Period 8: U.S./AZ History 


    Contact Information:

    Email: hickman@PhoenixUnion.org

    Phone Number: 602-704-2220