• Name: Dr. Tad Tessema
    Subjects / Classes Taught:Ap Calculus 1-2, Discrete Mathematics w/modeling , and Pre-Calculus 1-2 Honors

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    • Room #5215
    • Office Hours: before school, during lunch, and after school.
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    • Teaching Philosophy
    • I believe that every student has the potential to learn and students excel when they become active learners.  Therefore, the students have to be given opportunities to think critically and develop reasoning skills.  And I am here to help my students in any way I can so that they can succeed in their education.     
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    • Useful links
    • https://www.desmos.com/calculator
    • http://mathispower4u.com/
    • https://b.socrative.com/login/teacher/
    • https://precalculus.flippedmath.com/
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