JV Cheer Roster

JV Cheer Roster

  • Congratulations to the JV Cheer Squad!

    If your name is listed please see Coach Clark to formally accept your spot on the squad no later than Monday at 3:30.  

    Our first practice will be Monday at 3:30 in the gym lobby.  Don't be late and congratulations!


    Ne'vaeh Beckford

    Perla Chacon

    Kayla Leon

    Taylor Vega

    Estephani Pena

    Christina Nguyen

    Nancy Gonzalez

    Lily Pantoja

    Kaely Perez

    Jasmine Sompit

    Juliana Navarro

    Ashley Gutierrez

    Liz Sanchez

    Lesly Diaz

    Ashley Vasquez

    Lizbeth Arroyo