• Friday August 11, 2017

    1) Turn in signed "Plan for Success" and "Safety Contract"

    2) Anatomical Position - complete from Thursday and submit to Mr. Milmine.

    3) Chapter 1 Study Activities - was provided to the class on Thursday.  Complete section II, III, and number 1 of IV .  

    Thursday August 10, 2017

    1) Turn in signed "Plan for Success" and "Safety Contract"

    2) Chapter 1 Study Activities - this handout was provided in class, obtain it from the Thursday folder in class.  We will work through it as we move through Chapter 1.  It will be due the day we take the Chapter 1 Test.  Complete section I of this handout.

    3) Levels of Organization - piece together the correct sequence of the levels of organization as it applies to Anatomy and Physiology.  See Mr. Milmine to complete this exercise.

    4) Anatomical Position - Handout provided and is available in class folder for Thursday.  Will be completed in class Friday.  Catch the information missed from a neighbor.

    Wednesday August 9, 2017

    1) Turn in signed "Plan for Success" and "Safety Contract"

    2) Introductory Lab Activity - complete from Tuesday.  Due date will be discussed as a class.

    Tuesday August 8, 2017

    1) Turn in signed "Plan for Success" 

    2) Safety Contract - located in the "Plan for Success".  If you were ABSENT when we did this in class, look through the safety contract.  Highlight or circle the FIVE most important safety considerations to be mindful of in this class.  **Some of these rules will not necessarily apply to the Anatomy and Physiology lab setting, specifically the Chemistry safety considerations.  Have this signed by a parent/guardian and turned in.

    3) Introductory Lab Activity - Available in class folder for Tuesday. If you were absent for this portion of the lab, you will begin working with another student in the same situation on Wednesday.

    Monday August 7, 2017

     1) Discuss "Success" and create one personal goal for this school year.  To complete, consider ONE thing that tends to hold you back in regards to your success.  Write one goal for yourself to help overcome that barrier on a 3X5 index card and turn in.

    2) Discuss the Honors Anatomy and Physiology "Plan for Success", which is available in the class folder for Monday. The back page must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned.

    3) Student info sheet (attached to Plan for Success)