• Welcome to the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU).

    All contracted and permanent full-time employees of PXU are eligible for District Benefits. Insurance enrollment is done through the IVisions Web Portal. If applicable, you will be notified when the portal is ready for enrollment. 

    Note: You cannot complete the Online Enrollment process unless you have registered and linked your account to the IVisions web portal. Instructions are available on the IVisions Web Portal home page. Also, portal access is limited to District linked computers. Hence, you will not be able to access the portal from your personal devices.

    For a quick overview of the available insurance options and premiums, please review the 2020-2021 PXU Employee Benefits Enrollment Guide.
    You can also view the New Hire Benefit powerpoints via the following links: Benefits Overview & Benefits Enrollment Process.
  • Questions

    If you have any questions or need help with your Online Enrollment, please contact Cyndy Nelke, Employee Benefits Specialist, @ 602-764-1538 or via email @ nelke@phoenixunion.org
  • If you need help navigating the IVisions enrollment process, please watch the Enrollment Video via the link below.  This video provides step-by-step instructions as well as information regarding the process and follow-up requirements. 
  • Employee Benefit Notices

    Please check out the Important Employee Benefit Notices (IEBN) via the below link. Please share these notices with any applicable family members.


  • Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)

    All contracted and permanent full-time hourly employees of the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) are also members of the ASRS and must enroll on-line with the ASRS to establish an employee/employer relationship with PXU.  
    PXU Enrollment Code = 3KM00036
    If you are already retired from the ASRS, you must complete the Working After Retirement tool in lieu of enrollment.  
  • Follow-up Requirements


    Short Term Disability:

    In addition to making your insurance elections Online, Short Term Disability (STD) requires you to complete a STD enrollment form. The enrollment process is not finalized until both steps are complete. Please turn in the form to Employee Benefits (CEE 5th Floor or Fax#602-274-0484) within your 30-day eligibility period or your application will be disqualified. 


    Supplemental Life Insurance: 

    New applications over the GI amounts ($50,000 Employee, $50,000 Spouse & $10,000 Child(ren) require Evidence of Insurability (EOI).  If applicable, to start the EOI process, you must submit a medical history statement online @ The Standard.  Information you may not know includes: 
    Group No: 753785
    Type of Application: Initial (New hires only)
    Type of Coverage: Life           
    Please initiate the EOI process within 30 days of your election.  Failure to complete the EOI process or denial by the carrier will result in the cancellation of your new or increased election.

    Domestic Partner Affidavit:

    If you are enrolling a Domestic Partner (DP) and/or the children of your DP into your medical, dental and/or vision insurance, please complete and return the DP Affidavit to Cyndy Nelke, Employee Benefits Specialist, within your 30-day election period.  Failure to return the DP Affidavit will result in the disqualification of these dependents.  Note: the standard BCBS DP Affadivit is used for all insurance plans not just medical.

    VSP Vision Insurance:

    If applicable, please create an account at www.vsp.com to access plan details, locate a convenient VSP provider and print a Member Vision card. Note: Because ID cards are not required for this plan, VSP does not provide automatically.