• Preparing students for "College, Career and Life" is the mission of Bostrom and the district. After high school you can choose to earn a college degree, earn a certificate / train for a job or go straight to work. 
    Click here for a link to Phoenix College and their list of degrees and certificates.  All of the Maricopa Community Colleges offer similar programs. 

    Most college degrees take 2-4 years to complete and will give you experiences and choices in life that keep all your doors open.
    A certificate takes 3 months to 2 years, depending on the job, and will allow you to earn a good salary without spending as long in school. The classes you take are specifically related to your job.  Certificates are available in most careers, including automotive, cosmetology, medical and dental careers, computers, construction careers, and so many more. 
    If you do not continue your education, your job opportunities will be limited. It's important to research what jobs/careers you are interested in, to find out what the educational requirements are. This can be done with Career Cruising. There is a link to Career Cruising under the Student tab, and all students have an account. 
    Click here for the Arizona Bureau of Labor Statistics. This site can tell you a lot about the kinds of jobs that are available, and how much they pay.