• Unit 10: A Changing Nation
    This Unit will pick up where Unit 9 left off in 1960. We will take a brief at the Cuban Revolution of the 1950's in order to gain enough background information to begin discussing the Bay of Pigs fiasco as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis. From there we will look at the rest of Kennedy's presidency including the building of the Berlin Wall, the Peace Corps, President Kennedy's moon promise as well as his assassination. From there we will look at President Lyndon Johnson assuming the presidency and trying to continue President Kennedy's legacy and the 1964 presidential election. Next up will be the Civil Rights Movements including the Freedom Riders, the non-violent protest movement, the March on Washington, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Freedom Summer, the voting push in Selma, AL and the 50 Mile March as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965. From here we will examine the emerging Black Nationalism/Black Power Movement, Malcolm X, race riots, the Black Panthers and the MLK Jr. assassination. After this the class will move into the Vietnam War era. We will examine the causes of conflict in Vietnam, the growing US involvement in Vietnam, the controversy of our involvement, our withdrawal and the defeat of the South.