• Phoenix Union High School District
    Sports Hall of Fame

    Celebrating its long and glorious athletic history, Phoenix Union High School District held its Inaugural Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, December 17, 2015.  Fittingly, the event was held at the former Phoenix Union campus, and now the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Campus at Van Buren and 7th Street. 


    The inaugural class will recognize athletes from Phoenix Union High School in the “Historical Era” from the 1913 to 1981, Phoenix Union High School “Historical Era” Coaches from 1913-1949 and “Modern Era Coaches” from 1950-present at various PUHSD schools.


    “This has been a dream of mine for many years.  Phoenix Union has a rich and successful tradition of championship teams, players and coaches, and we want to celebrate that, and preserve their legacies for years to come,” Phoenix Union Athletic Director Dr. Zachary Muñoz said. “There are so many that we had to play catch up for this first event.”


    While many of the inductees are from the original Phoenix Union High School, Muñoz will expand the Hall of Fame reach in coming years.  Phoenix Union opened in 1895 and was the only high school for many years.  Carver High School opened in 1926, North in 1939 and West in 1949.  Phoenix Union High School closed in 1982.


    A committee made up of members of the high school sports community selected the inaugural class of 29 coaches and 16 athletes.  The committee is continuing to contact some individuals and is asking for assistance. For information on the event or honorees,   you can reach Dr. Zachary Muñoz at (602) 764-1335 or zmunoz@phoenix union.org.


    Names of the inaugural class for the Phoenix Union Sports Hall of Fame are below:

    Phoenix Union HS Athletes Historical Era 1913-1981

    1. Sonny Karnofsky (Football)
    2. Carl Mulleneaux (Football)
    3. Cecil Mulleneaux (Football)
    4. Fred Carr (Football)
    5. Larry Gordon (Football)
    6. Bill Kajikawa (Football)
    7. Hank Leiber (Baseball)
    8. Steve Colter (Basketball)
    9. Rudy White (Basketball)
    10. Morrison Warren (Football)
    11. Henry Tompkins (Basketball)
    12. Allen “Stretch” Holmes (Basketball)
    13. Elmer Green (Basketball)
    14. George Greathouse (Football)
    15. Bill Saunders (Football)

    Phoenix Union HS Coaches Historical Era 1913-1949

    1.    Bill Gates (Boys Tennis)

    2.    Francis S. Geary (Boys Track and Field)

    3.    Gene Doyle (Boys Tennis)

    4.    Jesse McComb (Baseball)

    5.    John Black (Football)

    6.    Lorette Brinegar (Girls Tennis)

    7.    R. Izer Turner (Boys and Girls Tennis)

    8.    Robbie Robinson (Football/Boys Track and Field/Boys Basketball)

    9.    Royal Heindenreich (Boys Track and Field)

    10. W.W. Carpenter (Boys Basketball)

    PUHSD Modern Coaches Era 1950-Present

    1.    Argie Rhymes (PU/ Carl Hayden-Boys Basketball)

    2.    Bill Mitton (TGB-Football)

    3.    Clement Chapman (South Mt.-Boys/Girls Basketball)

    4.    David Cruickshank (TGB/ South Mt.-Boys/Girls Track and Field/ Cross Country)

    5.    Ed Long (Phoenix Union-Boys Basketball-PUHSD AD)

    6.    Gerald “Wimpy” Jones (Phoenix Union-Boys Basketball)

    7.    Gil Trejo (Maryvale-Baseball)

    8.    Gretchen James (Camelback-Archery)

    9.    Hector Bejarano (North- Boys Basketball)

    10. Hugh Morrison (Alhambra-Track and Field/)

    11. Joe Ehlers (South Mt.-Boys Cross Country)

    12. Nadine Sass (Camelback-Volleyball)

    13. Phil Kemp (Alhambra-Boys Basketball)

    14. Ray Laing (Central-Football)

    15. Robert Schuster (South Mt./Maryvale-Boys Track and Field)

    16. Royce Youree (East-Boys Basketball)

    17. Verne Wolfe (North- Boys Track and Field)

    18. Verne Brasch (West-Football)