• Unit 8: World War 2
     This Unit students will explore America's involvement in World War 2. To begin the Unit we will briefly outline the events in both Europe and Asia that will lead those areas towards war. Students will get a quick overview of Nazi Germany's blitzkrieg campaign against their enemies. We will also explore imperial Japan's desire for self-sufficiency that led them into a war with China and eventually the attack against the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. From here students will see how the United States mobilizes for war and the discrimination faced by Japanese Americans after the Pearl Harbor attack.  After this we will look at the war in the major events from the war in Europe against Nazi Germany. At the end of this discussion we will also briefly look at the events of the Holocaust. From here we will go backwards in time to the days following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and we will look at the events in the war in the Pacific. This will culminate with an examination of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the surrender of Japan. The Unit will end by looking at the fragile peace that occurs along with the worsening relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States.