CTE Integrated STEM Programs...

    • Apply equal attention to the standards and objectives of two or more of the STEM fields.
    • Involve students in defining authentic problems, working with others, and building real solutions -students learn to reflect on the problem-solving process while improving their math and science scores.
    • Accomplished through a series of open-ended, hands-on activities related to a thematic topic that addresses important concepts related to STEM disciplines.


    Goals of STEM Education

    • Ensure a STEM Capable Citizenry
    • Build a STEM Proficient Workforce
    • Cultivate STEM Experts
    • Close the Achievement and Participation Gap

    STEM and Other Federal Initiatives

    • Race To The Top (RTTP)
      • Seeks reforms in Education by Adopting standards and assessments that prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace and to compete in the global economy.
    • 21st Century Learning Community Centers (21st CLCC)
      • Remedial education activities and academic enrichment learning programs, including those which provide additional assistance to students to allow the students to improve their academic achievement; Mathematics and science education activities; Telecommunications and technology education programs; Programs that promote parental involvement and family literacy.
    • Arizona STEM Network 

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