• Performing Arts

    Drama, Dance, and Music
    The South Mountain Center for Performing Arts is located at South Mountain High School.
    Learning situations are provided through the use of equipment, nationally and internationally recognized artists as guest teachers, field trips and community performances.
    Performing Arts Mission:

    The Mission of the Performing Arts Magnet at South Mountain High School is to inspire students to pursue excellence in their artistic discipline while fostering a diverse community where all students are encouraged to express freely, show empathy, and understand the world. Our program engages, inspires, entertains and challenges students and audience members with professionally produced productions in Theatre Arts, Dance, Music, and collaborative arts endeavors, while preparing and challenging students to become life-long supporters of the arts.


    Performing Arts Vision: 

    Our vision is found through programs that help to develop the skills needed to be successful in life and the arts, stimulate intellect, learn the challenges and rewards of collaboration through art, and appreciate how knowledge of self and the world helps to creates ones identity. The South Mountain Performing Arts magnet is a safe place for all and we welcome anyone who is open to being creative and sharing ideas, thus creating a family of hope to create a better community.

     Performing Arts Academy