MHS Panther Choir

  • Welcome to our MHS Panther Choir & Foundations in Performing Arts Students

    Classes Offered

    Period 1 & 5 - Una Voce

    Period 2 - Concert Choir

    Period 4 - Bella Voce Chamber Choir

    Period 6 - Foundations in Performing Arts

    All Choir Focus-

    In the MHS Choir program, we strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students. We believe every student can increase their music literacy and performance ability through individual and group performance and learning. Welcome to our MHS Panther Choir Family!

    Students Expectations- 

    Collabortive - Students are expected to be engaged and attentive while in choir. Everyone must sing, and participate.     

    Hard-work - Bring your best effort and attitude with you every day.  

    Open-Minded - What we do in here may be different than what you're used to. Be willing to try new things!

    Inclusive - All students arw welcome here. Leave drama at the door.

    Respectful - Always be repsectful in person and online. This means following directions the first time. 

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