• Name: Amanda Taylor
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Choir (All Levels)
    Degree(s): Bachelors in Music Education, emphasis in Choral Music / Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with technology emphasis
    Phone Number: 6027642128

    Welcome to Maryvale High School!
    I am Ms. Taylor and this year, I am teaching all levels of choir and foundations in performing arts for exceptional student learners. For more information about me, please view the "About Ms. Taylor" page.
    Here at MHS we offer three levels of choir; beginning, intermediate and advanced.
    Classes Offered- 2023-2024
    Period 1 & 5 - Beginning Choir - Una Voce
    Period 2 - Intermediate Choir* - Concert Choir
    Period 4 - Advanced Choir* - Bella Voce Chamber Choir
    Period 6 - Foundations in Performing Arts for Exceptional Learners
    *An audition or teacher approval is required for participation in this group. 
    The MHS choir students sing various repertoire covering many genres such as classical, baroque, romantic, gospel, chant, spirituals, pop, and more.
    -Concert Dates-
    Fall Concert - October 5th @ 6:00pm
    Winter Concert - November 30th @ 6:00pm
    Spring Concert - March 21st @ 6:00pm
    POPs Concert - May 7th @ 6:00pm
    **Dress Rehearsal will take place the day prior to the concert and is required for all choir students.