U.S. History

  • Two-semester course, grade level 11 Prerequisite: None

    US/AZ History is the second course in the Social Studies Program. This course is a conceptual look at changing American culture, politics, environment and economy. The course’s intent is to help students better understand the themes of history which shaped and continue to impact our lives. The course also challenges the knowledge gained from the World History course and applies that background to America’s perspective of the 20th Century. The concepts explored in this course will continue to prepare and empower students to make choices as responsible participants in society. The course is based on the AZ State Social Studies Standards for US/AZ History.


    U.S. History Instructors:

    Ms. Calvin (Evening School)

    Mr. Dominguez

    Mr. Hickman (PLC Leader)

    Ms. Maffei 

    Ms. Turner

    Ms. Vogt