Falcon Music Technology

  • Creating Music Through Technology 1-2

    Full year course for any grade level with no pre-requisites.

    Thecourse is intended for students with little or no knowledge of music who wish to create music for themselves.  Using a software program with a mixture of 1,000+ music "loops," the student is able to create music.  The student can also record "real instruments" and "software instruments" directly into the program. Using this software, students are capable of producing music for movies and podcasts as well as creating songs.  This course will offer the student the ability to create his/her own "garage band."


    Creating Music Through Technology 3-4

    This is a full year course for students who have passes both semesters of Creating Music Through Technology 1-2.

    This course extends students' knowledge and application of skills with music composition through technology.  Students who wish to develop their music technology skills to a higher level to be better prepared for college-level and career applications can do so by taking this course.  This class will continue to develop students' music creation, synthesis, and analysis skills through higher level music and technolgy manipulation, research assignments, and self evaluation.

Music Tech