• Megan V.B.
    Art 1-2
    Bachelors degree from ASU in Secondary Education and Art Education 

    Hello and welcome to ART! 
                My name is Megan V.B. I am in room 813 in the Visual Arts building 800. My office hours are Monday through Friday from 2:30-3:30. My door is always open so please come and visit whenever you would like. It is my goal to make sure each and every student passes this class with a deeper sense of the elements and principles of design. I strive to not only teach students what is in the text but also show them how to push themselves to be original, expressive and creative.
    This class will teach
    HOW TO:
    1) discuss artwork in an educated way
    2) create artwork with self-expression and originality
    3) use creativity when we come across problems (in our artwork...and otherwise!)
    4) use the elements and principles of art to make skilled and well executed artwork 
    5) open up the the possibility that you can be a GREAT artist
    Take a look at what I have planned for the year!
    Need to reprint your Plan for Success? Just click the link below!