• Math Integration in CTE

    Career & Technical Education

    Math-in-CTE is not a curriculum, but a process through which the math that naturally occurs in the CTE curriculum is enhanced. Integrating math includes practical, hands-on applications of relevant math. It leads to increased academic engagement and achievement for students.

    Mathematical Processes

    • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
    • Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
    • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
    • Model with mathematics.
    • Use appropriate tools strategically.
    • Attend to precision.
    • Look for and make use of structure.
    • Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

    Math Integration Resources

    Math in CTE - Arizona Department of Education

    Math in CTE - National Research Center for Career and Technical Education

    Research shows that contextualized learning increases students' mathematical understanding and helps improve their attitudes towards math. The following two programs will be piloted in Phoenix Union starting in the '16-'17 school year.

              AMPED           Geometry in Construction

    • Career and Technical Education (CTE) driven classes where students are engaged in CTE content using their mathematics as a useful tool for solving real-world problems.
    • All students work on developing and understanding the skills necessary to thrive in the modern workplace.

    For more information please contact:

    Summer Martin
    Math Integration Specialist for CTE