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    Metro Tech Spirit Line has been active since school year 2011-2012.  The relatively new program is proud to showcase the 2014-2015 CAA Championship title for Novice Cheer and Dance Division.  This year, the Knight’s Spirit Line is enthusiastic about cultivating positive leadership, school spirit, and skill.

    Metro Tech’s Spirit Line coaching staff is dedicated to giving Spirit Line athletes the ultimate dance, cheer, and pom experience.  The coaching staff works hard and expect the athletes to do the same. Cheerleaders are student athletes; this means that there is a primary focus on individual success in education.  The coaching staff takes the time to help each individual reach their goals, learn the value of commitment, respect and passion, and to work well with a team to see their dreams come true.  The coaching staff’s goal is to offer the best technical training and innovative choreography to create exceptional athletes.  Metro Tech’s Spirit Line prides itself on strong teamwork, integrity, structure, safe workouts, team members encouraging one another while building self-confidence, engaging the student body, and staying connected as a family.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Knight’s Spirit Line, we hope you pick up a packet from the activities office and follow the requirements to participate with tryouts when announced. If you have any questions about Spirit Line or would like more information, please email Mrs. Harvey at harvey@phoenixunion.org or contact Mr. Dodge in the Metro Tech APO office.


    Cheers and blessings,

    Metro Tech’s Spirit Line