•          The TGB boys basketball team will participate in weight training three days per week before the regular season begins on December 1st, 2014. Once the regular season begins, all teams will transition to a two days per week schedule where they will maintain their strength throughout the season. Strength training is vital for basketball players because the season is long and play 18-26 games in a three month period of time. Without strength training the players will be injury prone and missing games during the season.
             Coach McPhaul and Coach Matthews will oversee the jv and freshmen lifting program. Coach Anderson will oversee the varsity lifting program with assistance from Coach Greenough and Coach Brice.
             It is the goal of our program that our players will be in better shape and just as strong as any of our opponents. This additional training will help players reach their full athletic potential and help the team outlast opponents during games. Colleges implement similar schedules so our players will have a strong strength base going into their collegiate career.