•          All members of the Trevor Browne boys basketball team are expected to perform to the best of their abilities in the classroom. The coaching staff will do everything in their power to ensure that the players have all possible resources at their disposal so that they can achieve academically.
    -Each team will hold study hall every weekday from 2:50-3:25 pm. It is expected that each player is on time to study hall and coaches will hold all members of the team accountable for their punctuality. Being late to study hall may result in sitting out practice to complete homework.
    -If players are consistently in academic turmoil, it is on the coaches to find ways to motivate and help players become more productive students. Some actions that could be utilized are:
    • Extra study halls
    • Loss of playing time
    • In extreme cases, removal from the team

    The coaching staff is committed to our players succeeding in the classroom and will do everything in their power to help our athletes succeed.