• The Bruins boys basketball team will conduct a variety of fundraising activities designed to raise funds that will separate our basketball program from all others in the Phoenix area. Participation from all players and members of the program is essential to ensure success. Below is a brief description of the activities and how they will be conducted.
    ASU Football Concessions
             Members of the Trevor Browne boys basketball team and coaches work all ASU home football games selling concessions and are  rewarded with 10% of what the stand makes each game. On average the team can expect to earn between $4,000-$5,000 each season. All players must be 16 years old and have a food handlers card in order to work the games.
    Arizona Tax Credit
             All players will be expected to raise $250 in tax credit donations each season. The players will receive a set of warm-ups and a travel suit that will be worn on game days free of charge when they reach the $250 fundraising goal. All tax donations are fully refundable, for Arizona residents, on their state tax return. An unmarried person may donate up to $200 and a married couple may donate up to $400. Again, ALL DONATIONS ARE REFUNDED ON STATE TAX RETURN.
             Here is the link to donate securely online:
    Trevor G. Browne Team Gear Sales
             All players will be given a flier that will have a variety of TGB boys basketball shirts and other gear to sell. A goal of $400 worth of gear sold for each player will be set. Each player will be put on a team lead by a coach in the program. The winning group and coach will be excused from a practice to attend a Phoenix Suns game (food included) as their prize!
    TGB Game Concessions
             Each player on the team will be required to provide an item to see at our team's concession stand that we run during home games. This will allow our basketball team to make as much money as possible by selling snacks to our fans.
    Dodgeball Tourney
             Boys basketball is hoping to have a Dodgeball Tournament this coming spring, more details will be provided as the event is planned.
    We are always looking for fun and profitable fundraising ideas, please e-mail Coach Greenough your ideas!!!