MetroTech Anime Club 3.0

    (メトロテックアニメ会 3.0)

    Constitution ver. 2.0 adopted for 2014-15

    Article I


    MetroTech Anime Club or The MTAC

    A.k.a. メトロテックアニメ会


    Article II


    “The MTAC is dedicated to popularizing the unique and deep culture that surrounds Japanese animation.

    The MTAC is passionate about Japanese Animation, manga, and their related interests, and works hard to make our projects reflect that passion.

    Our goal is to make our projects a place that brings together fans, our campus, and our community to share, celebrate, promote, and educate about Japanese animation, manga, and their related interests.”


    Article III


    Membership is open to all students attending Metro Tech High School (MTHS) with honorary memberships being bestowed to members of the community who support the MTAC’s mission.


    Article IV


    Officer positions and descriptions are as follows:


    President 会長- Leads the club as lead executive officer, proposing fundraising, possible activities, and proposing courses of action for the club officers to vote on.


    Vice-President 副会長- Leads the club in the absence of the Pres., monitors officers for completion of responsibilities, reports to the Pres.


    Treasurer 会計- Monitors and accounts for the club’s funds, funds are reported and submitted to the Pres., advises club on the feasibility of activities based on resources.


    Clerk 書記- Maintains vote counts, records, attendance, and meeting minutes. Though responsibility over accurate records is needed, votes can remain anonymous and the Clerk need not divulge identities. The Clerk does not vote except to break ties.


    Historian 史家- Documents the club’s growth as photographic witness and member. The Historian preserves the past to promote the club’s future.


    Sergeant at Arms 守衛官- Otherwise know as the Parliamentarian, this officer acts to promote order and maintain a flow to meetings. They also spot-check rooms before and after to keep meetings and showings clean.

    ウェブマスター- Works with the Historian and Publicity Officer to maintain a web presence with the artifacts created by both, supervises posts to student-run online WebPages.­


    Publicity Officer 広報担当- Maintains and promotes the club on campus and supervises creation of posters, signs and yearbook pages.


    Article V

    Election of New Officers

    Election of New Officers is as follows:


    If an open position is available, any member of the club can apply to fill said position at a meeting. If no one wishes to run in opposition the office is granted to the applicant. Officer terms are for one (1) the academic year.


    If multiple members choose to run, an election is held. The applicants are granted a short speech to present their qualifications. Club members vote anonymously except for the Clerk who counts and records the votes with the Sponsor.


    If the winning member wishes, they may take on the applicant with the second highest votes as an “alternate” officer* who may act as a substitute for them (except for the President and Vice-President offices).


    *Alternate Officers 代わり may not vote during officer meetings but may be present and can assume duties if the officer is delayed or will be absent. If the officer can no longer perform their duties the AO can assume full responsibilities without another election being held.


    Article VI


    Committees can be formed to plan or solve problems as the Club President and Officers deem necessary.


    Article VII

    Depositing of Funds

    All funds received by the “MetroTech Anime Club” will be deposited and expended from the Metro Tech High School Business Office/Bookstore in accordance with the Phoenix Union High School District handbook for sponsors.


    Article VIII


    The sponsor/custodian of the “MetroTech Anime Club” will be a certified staff member.


    Article IX


    Anime Showings are every Monday (except for holidays and modified bell schedules and are moved to the next full school day), 3:10PM to 4:30PM

    Officer Meetings are every Friday (except for holidays and modified bell schedules and are moved to the next full school day), 3:10PM to 3:45PM


    Article X

    Amendments and Ratification

    Amendments and Ratification


    Section 1- Amendments to the constitution must be proposed and accepted by at least 2/3’s vote of membership.


    Section 2- Ratification requires 2/3’s vote of membership.