• Previous Accomplishments and Awards! 



    Congrats to the Chavez indoor percussion for placing 5th in the entire state for indoor drumline

    Congrats to the Chavez indoor percussion for their 1st place and being named Champions of the Local A division at WGAZ championships on 4/14/23

    Congrats to the Chavez indoor percussion for their 2nd place performance at Buckeye on 4/1/23

    Congrats to the Chavez Indoor percussion for their 1st place performance at the Percussion Focus show, Local A division on 3/3/23

    Congrats to the Chavez Indoor percussion for their 1st place performance at Williams Field on 2/24/23. 

    Special recognition to the Drumline for their superbowl performances at the Hall of Fame event on 2/09/23 as well as their NFL super green for kids! 

    Congrats to the 12 students that made the district honor band this year! 

    Special recognition for the Chavez drumline and their performances at the Hallmark channel's first ever ENCHANT wonderland in December! 

    Congrats to the Percussion Ensemble for their SUPERIOR performance at the Spring AZPAS festival on 3/25 at ASU . They scored a high 95 and received a ton of positive feedback 
    Congratulations to Molly Hopkins for making 6th chair Percussion in the North Central Regional Band!! The concert will be on 2/18 at Camelback high school and it starts at 3pm!  
    1/15/17-The drumline is headed out to the Rock and Roll Marathon to perform from 10:30-11:30am at Tempe Beach Park! Come on by and check us out!  
     1/10/17-The Drumline took 1ST place at the ELectric LIght Parade for "BEST MARCHING BAND" and will be receiving at $500.00 check! Congraujlations Drumline! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! 
    1/1/17 Here is the news segment from the fiesta bowl parade!
     A huge shout out to the Cesar Chavez Drumline for their recent events. They had a wonderful performance for the Cityscape grand opening and tree lighting ceremony! The following weekend they performed in the Electric Light Parade and won an award for "Best Marching Band!". On 12/30 Good Morning Arizona/America came out to Chavez and filmed a news segment regarding the Fiesta Bowl Parade and their performance in the parade and finally they marched in the Fiesta Bowl Parade on 12/31. There are so many wonderful things that these high school students are accomplishing! 
    Congratulations to the 18 percussion students that auditioned and made the District honor ensemble! As always, I am very proud of these kids! 
    CONGRATULATIONS to the Chavez Drumline for their SUPERIOR performance and percussion Caption at the state Marching festival on 11/7. The came in 1st in the 3-A awards session and 3rd overall in the state of Arizona for their division! It was a wonderful marching season! 
    The Cesar Chavez marching band competed and the Sierra Linda Marching band invitational on 10/25 and qualified for state with a 61.1! We received a rating of "Excellent"! The drumline received a "superior" rating as well as a caption for their high achievement in excellence! They scored 10 points higher than the previous performance!  
    The Cesar Chavez marching band competed at the Raymond Kellis Marching band Invitational on 10/18 and received a rating of "good" along with captions for Music, Visual, Ge and Percussion! As a whole the band received a 57.2 and barely missed qualifying for state. We have one more shot at Sierra Linda on 10/25! Come and check out our performance! We play at 6:45pm!  
    The Chavez Percussion Ensemble had a WONDERFUL performance at Saint Anthony's Church on 10/16. We played for about an hour at their fundraiser and will have a newspaper article coming out sometime soon in the Presna Hispana!  
    here are the links to our last concert we had at Chavez for the 2015- 2016 school year!  
        https://youtu.be/EgYdY924CQw    Advanced Percussion
       https://youtu.be/mUJOJsCq7Ak    Drumline and Beginning Percussion 
    summer 2016 
    Congratulations to the Chavez Percussion who competed in the 2016 Black Swamp Percussion Ensemble contest and received an overall score of an 85 with one score in the 90'S!  
    Spring 2016 
    -Congratulations to the Chavez Percussion Ensemble! They were chosen to be featured on the World of Percussion Webseries presented by Black Swamp. This is on an international platform and I am so proud of them. The first of two videos will be shown on 5/16/16  
    Two more fantastic performances under our belt! 4/15 at the Maricopa County Fair (where a gentleman came up to use and asked for our business card.. he thought we were a professional group!) and 4/28 at Senior Portfolio Night!  
    Huge Congratulations to the Chavez Percussion Ensemble who performed at the AZPAS spring festival on 4/2. There were two different groups that went and performed and both groups received superior ratings with scores in the 90s! One  group was as mere 4 points away from perfect! The judges loved their performance SO Much, we were picked to play at the evening "showcase concert" along side all 3 colleges and some community colleges! So proud of these kids!
    -Congratulations to the Chavez Percussion Ensemble who performed at the Live on Central First Friday event on 4/1 and did a great job! for photos and videos of the event please enter #AZPAS2016 in facebook, twitter and instagram to see what went on at this awesome two days of percussion!
    -Great job to the Chavez drumline who performed in the Laveen Parade on 2/6 and received an award!  
    -The Chavez drumline performed in the Fiesta Bowl Parade on 1/2/2016! It was a great honor to be included in such a fantastic event! 
     Fall 2015
    -The drumline performed in the Electric Light parade and won a $200 AWARD for our drumline! 
    -CItyscape invited the drumline to the tree lighting ceremony in downtown Phoenix. The drumline got to lead Santa to his sleigh in a rock star kind of way! 
    -I am proud to announce that our very own Chavez drumline and percussion ensemble is now sponsored by Innovative Percussion! (www.innovativepercussion.com)
    A HUGE shout out to the Chavez drumline at their performance at PAS as well as hosting the event! these kids are incredible and I am VERY proud of them!
     -We received 2 superiors and one excellent from the 3 judges as well as a caption for the front ensemble, tenors and a NEW caption that the judges made that day based upon our amazing Rack Percussionists! The whole day went very smoothly and I heard many compliments regarding our students!
    school year 2014-2015
    Congratulations to the Chavez percussion ensemble for coming in 1st runner up at the ALAC music competition on Saturday May 2nd. 
    They won $1,000 for our program!!

    -It is with great pride I announce that Roxanna Pablo and James Dadia made the North Central Regional honor ensemble!! The Concert was great and they worked very hard. Wish them luck at ALL-STATE auditions next week! There were only 10 spots available and over 70 people auditioning! I am so very proud of these students.  I am also very proud of the other students that auditioned. They all came in very prepared and represented Chavez very well!  
    -16 percussion students from Chavez auditioned and made it into the Greater Phoenix honor ensemble. The concert was fantastic! The Cesar Chavez drumline did an amazing job  performing at the Superbowl pep Rally on 1/28 in the City Atrium from 12-12:30pm  This is the 2nd Superbowl event the Chavez drumline has been invited to play at and it is quite an honor!
    -Our Chavez Percussion ensemble participated in the AZPAS (Percussive Arts Society) 2015 Spring solo and ensemble competition out at ASU. I had 3 soloists perform and then our ensemble played Big Country by Bela Fleck. These students took the 2nd half of their spring break to rehearse and participate in this festival and all of the hard work definitely paid off! Our soloist, Molly Hopkins, Kiho Park and James Dadia all played very well and even received one on one instruction from one of the best marimba players in the world! She-E Wu took time with every student to help them reach a level of their playing they didn’t even know they had. With that all said, Molly received a rating of Excellent, Kiho received a Superior (that is the highest you can receive) and James not only received a Superior but he had the highest score of the day and was chosen to perform in the showcase concert at ASU last night. This was a huge accomplishment for James! This is the 2nd year in a row he was given this great honor.
    -Our Chavez percussion ensemble was also awarded a Superior and chosen to perform in the Showcase concert as well! This is the second year in a row the ensemble was also chosen to perform in this prestigious event

     Our students not only received praise for their playing but for their attitude and respect when they were being addressed by the clinicians as well. She-E said she was very impressed with our students and was surprised to hear most of them had never played percussion before attending high school (she started percussion at age 6). Another clinician (who has worked with our students before) pulled me aside to tell me how great it is teaching them. He said they are incredibly humble and very respectful. They take the information given and truly love music and just want to get better at it.Special thanks to not only the other drumline teacher, Shad Balot (who I could not do all of these awesome things without) but to Charlene Cunningham! She took time out of her day to support our performance and help Shad out with getting the students to lunch and back to ASU for the clinics. Last semester I was nominated to be Vice President for the Arizona Chapter of PAS and with that title comes a lot of responsibility, including attending a meeting during lunch with the other officers and members. I would not have been able to do my officer duties if I did not have the help and support from Shad and Charlene.

    LATEST VIDEO OF THE Spring 2015 CONCERT: Percussion Ensemble(Click Here): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXQcLEVujy0
     More Videos at the bottom of the page
    •  - Click Here.
    • Cesar Chavez Drumline and Percussion Ensemble Performing at "The Celebration of Cesar Chavez Day" at Cesar Chavez Park April 5th, 2014
      Click Here to Watch the Percussion Ensemble's Superior Performance at the 2014 PAS Spring Days of Percussion
      Click Here to Watch The Drumline's "Superior" Performance at the 2013 AZPAS Festival (They also Received Captions for Snar
      e and Frontline)

    • Congratulations to the Band and Drumline for a great marching season! We received and "Excellent" rating at the state marching
      festival and a percussion caption!

      At Sierra Linda (10/21) the band earned a rating of "Excellent" which meant we qualified for state as well as a percussion caption! At Barry Goldwater the band earned another "Excellent" and captions in music, GE, Visual and Percussion!    

      CONGRATULATIONS! to the CCHS drumline! WE competed at PAS and the kids did great! We received 2 superiors and one excellent from the judges and received the only front ensemble caption in our division! We were the best in our division and 2nd overall! I am so proud of these guys. They work SO hard! James Dadia also received a "Superior" on his marimba solo
      Congratulations Also to the CCHS band and drumline who competed at the State marching festival on 11/1. The band received a rating of Excellent and the drumline received a special caption recognizing them as one of the best percussion sections of the day! 
    •  Check out the channel 3 news clip! Chavez percussion ensemble was on the news at First Friday on 5/2! 
    • These students have worked so hard and I am so proud of everything they do. If you would like a chance to see them play we are performing at First Friday THIS Friday, April 4th at 6:30pm in front of the ALAC building (147 E. Adams) and again on Saturday at the Chavez park for the Cesar Chavez day celebration! Percussion ensemble performs at 2:30pm and the drumline performs at 3:00pm.  We would love to see you out there!

    March 29th 2014- This past weekend members of the Chavez Percussion Ensemble participated in the Arizona Percussive Arts Society Spring Festival and did a fantastic job! 

    • Alberto Terrazas and James Dadia both received the highest rating of “Superior” for their marimba solos and James Dadia was the ONLY high school student that was picked to perform in the showcase concert at ASU that evening.  That is a huge accomplishment for James as he has only been playing 4 mallet marimba for a few months!
    • The Chavez percussion ensemble was one of only TWO high school groups that were picked to perform in the Showcase concert as well. Lead by Alberto Terrazas, they received the highest rating of “Superior” and represented Chavez with pride.  One music educator came up to me and said “Chavez has restored my faith in music education.” 
    • March 2014-CONGRATS  to the Chavez drumline for being selected to play at the SUPER BOWL press conference on 3/18/14. they did a fantastic job and represented our school proudly!  
    • 2013
    •  December 2013-Congratulations to James Dadia, Alberto Terrazas, Roger Hernandez, Molly Hopkins, Isaac Nunes, Joel MOreno, Mario Ramirez, Rocky Pablo, Krsytal Hendrix, Brandon Polit, Jordan Dunbar, mark Valenzuela, Shantel Jones, Kiho Park and Giselle Corral for making the Greater Phoenix honor ensemble!! This is the biggest representation from the Chavez Percussion program EVER in the history of Greater Phoenix! Not only did we have 15 people audition and make it, the first 12 out of 13 spots went to Chavez students including James Dadia, who was the overall top percussion audition in the district! Concert 1/18/14
    •     November 2013- What a great end to the 2013 marching season! The drumline received an 89 in drums at state and a caption for having one of the top performances of the day! Congrats to them! 
    •  October 2013- Congratulation to the drumline for receiving a percussion caption at the Agua Fria Marching festival this past weekend and to the colorguard for receiving a caption! As a group we also received caption for General Effect and a rating of "EXCELLENT which was enough to qualify for state!
    •      October 2013- Congratulations to the drumline for receiving a percussion caption at the Barry Goldwater Marching Festival on   10/12/13!  
    • September 2013- CONGRATULATIONS!! what a great performance at AZPAS this year! I am so proud of this group! A superior performance along with a snare line and front line caption