• Hello Stampede Parents & Students!


    Mr. Belcher, is the Assistant Principal of Student Opportunities. Coach Belcher is the Athletic Director as well as the supervisor of the extracurricular activities and programs (clubs), special events, and the Fairfax facilities.  He has been a member of the Fairfax staff, as a science teacher and the head football coach, since the school opened in 2007 and an employee of the District since 2002.


    Coach Belcher was fortunate to know and work with Ms. Betty Fairfax at Central High School. Therefore, he is extremely excited to continue to implement her vision by developing a network of supports to help create opportunities for students’ attainment of success in high school and beyond. 


    It is obvious that Mr. Belcher truly enjoys both teaching and learning.  He is excited to support the school’s athletic coaches and activities program/club sponsors.  Under Mr. Belcher’s direction, the Athletics & Activities Office is committed to developing resources to advance the success of our extracurricular programs.  Mr. Belcher is optimistic about working with parents and local business owners to support the efforts of our staff and students in the athletic and activities programs.  


    Coach Belcher grew up and received his foundational education in the Philadelphia area.  He was awarded an athletic scholarship to Westchester University (PA).  He completed dual Bachelor’s degrees in Biological Sciences and Secondary Education at Rowan University (1999) and earned a Masters in Education Leadership at the University of Phoenix (2006).  He accepted teaching and coaching positions in the Phoenix Union School District because of its similarity to his home high school and community.  Mr. Belcher taught advanced courses in both biology and chemistry.  He participated in numerous curriculums, instruction, and leadership committees, to advance the quality of services provided throughout the district.  In his current position, he will continue to mentor new and future teachers and help district instructors implement AVID strategies in the classroom.


    Coach Belcher plans to foster consistent implementation of programs he designed for student-athlete development in character, learning skills, and athletic training.  Further, Coach Belcher is excited about expanding his community outreach program for extracurricular program participants to give back to the Laveen/Phoenix communities.  Likewise, he is eager to formally develop leadership training (Captains Council and postsecondary planning workshops for our extracurricular program participants. We expect these programs to become a support network helping Fairfax learners excel in the classroom, on the field, and throughout the community.


    Coach Belcher expresses his gratitude for the many faculty, family, and community members who support the athletic and activities programs.  Fairfax history already includes inspirational achievements we hope community members will continue this tradition by developing exciting opportunities for our current and future learners. Coach Belcher has stated that he looks forward to celebrating the many future successes attained by Fairfax’s extracurricular program participants!  


    Together, we can make a great 2015-2016 school year!  Go Stampede!


    Coach Belcher