Central High School
    3rd Battalion



     Our Battalion Staff Officers


                   Battalion  S-1: 

          S-1 Personnel Administration Officer

    The Battalion S-1 is in charge of maintaining cadets records including Merits/Demerits, Promotion Orders, and Awards.


                                                          Battalion S-2: 

    S-2 Information/ Security Officer

    The Battalion S-2 is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the classrooms as well as team equipment. They also conduct inventory checks to make sure everything is accounted for.


                                                             Battalion S-3: 

        S-3 Operations Officer

    The Battalion S-3 prepares all the training schedules in coordination with the SAI. They plan, coordinate, and execute all training events and conduct the Cadet Challenge. They prepare the Battalion for all field training to include Operation Orders when required.


                                                              Battalion S-4: 

       S-4 Supply and Logistics Officer

    The Battalion S-4 issues and receives clothing equipment. They fill requests for decorations and awards when orders are put out to award them. They maintain clothing records and conduct monthly inspections of all equipment.


    Battalion S-5: 

       S-5 Publicity Officer

    The Battalion S-5 is in charge of providing publicity for all Battalion activities. They provide written articles for the High School paper. They photograph all functions and activities while maintaining the Chain Of Command board and display cases. They're also in charge of the yearbook layout and cadet scrapbook.