• Welcome Parents & Guardians
    Hi there! I am here to help your student succeed in class and in life. I'm also here to answer any questions you have or address any concerns you have about your student's learning and progress. Always feel free to contact me.
    Parents are their child's first and best teacher. You are so important to your child's success. High schoolers aren't small children anymore, but there are several things you can do to help them succeed. There are a few suggestions for how to help your student below.
    The best way to contact me is by email:
  • A Word About PROJECTS 

    Physics is a very hands-on course and your student will work individually and with peers on the following four major outside-class projects this year:
    • mousetrap car
    • egg-drop device
    • foosball launcher
    • musical instrument
    There will be many other labs and smaller projects in class.
    Please contact me as early in the project timeline as possible if your student needs help with materials and/or supplies for these projects. The maximum spending limit PER PROJECT (not per student) is $10. I encourage students to recycle materials they already have access to and ask for donations or scrap material from local stores and businesses. Ideally, they will not need to spend any money at all on the projects.   
  •  How to Help Your Student Succeed!
    Make sure your student is in school unless he/she is sick. Students who miss a lot of school have a VERY hard time succeeding in classes. It can be very hard to catch up once a student gets behind in their work and learning.

    Check your student's progress and attendance using ParentVUE. You can contact Registration at Central to get a free account if you don't have one yet. On ParentVUE, you can see your student's current grade, missing assignments, attendance in classes, and more.

    Create a distraction-free work space where your student can work on homework. Encourage your student to do homework and to study. Sit with him/her and have a family reading and study time. Quiz your student on vocabulary words, read their notes and ask questions, etc.  

    Check the Calendar/Agenda page regularly. This will let you know what we're doing in class and what homework has been assigned. 
    Ask for and sign your student's Weekly Agenda sheet. Your student copies this every Monday so he/she knows what we're doing that week. Your student gets 10 extra credit points each week for getting you to look over the sheet and sign it.

    Check your student's Assignments and/or Interactive Science Notebook regularly. Look for empty pages or assignments that are not completed. Have your student complete the work. Missing work can usually be downloaded from CANVAS. Files for handouts and assignments are available on the day they were handed out in the classroom. 

    Encourage your student to get tutoring or make up missing labs during Advisory, before or after school, or during lunch. I am here to help!  :)

    Contact me with any questions or concerns.