• About Phoenix Union High School District Food Services Division

    Student meal prices 

    Breakfast  =  Free of charge.
    Lunch =  Free of charge.

    The Free and Reduced meal program is a valuable benefit of the National School Lunch Program. However, this is a voluntary program and application process. Completion of an application may not be made mandatory.

    As a participant of the National School Lunch Program, NO CHILD may be refused meal service as punishment or disciplinary action, or have meal service used as part of a reward.

    PXU Food Services

    • Serves a student population exceeding 27,000 students

    PXU Food Services Divison Misson Statement

    The mission of the Phoenix Union High School District Food Services Division is to provide a level of service that assures that all foods served to students are consistent with the Recommended Dietary Allowance and Guidelines and contribute to the development of lifelong healthy eating habits.

    Long Term Goals

    • Improve the integrity of school meals to comply with the nutritional standards and Dietary Guidelines.

    • Maintain management standards and program efficiency.

    • Increase student and community participation in the school nutrition program.

    • Create a positive working relationship with school administration, teachers, students, and the community.

    • Create a safe and positive working environment for all employees.

    • Provide a learning environment to improve professional growth among all employees.

    Purpose of the School Nutrition Program

    The primary purpose of the School Nutrition Program is to make available to students during the school day meals of optimum nutritional value at a minimum cost. School Nutrition Programs are organized and administered for the benefit of students and every decision in buying, organization, and administration is focused on this end.


    School Nutrition Programs are administered at three levels: Federal, State, and Local.  The United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) administers programs for the federal government.  The State, Arizona Department of Education, administers the programs as part of the State Department of Student Services.  The local School Board administers the programs at the school level.

    Who Benefits from School Nutrition Programs?

    The Students

    The students benefit from the School Nutrition Program because it provides nutritious food to ensure the body the fuel needed to physically succeed, the nutritional education needed to promote a healthy lifestyle, and the mental alertness to assist in achieving their dreams, which will determine a lifetime of physical and mental well-being.

    The Parents

    The parents benefit from the School Nutrition Program because it is a beneficial and economical way to ensure at least one-third of a student’s daily nutritional requirements are met and may help to provide soundness of mind knowing that their child will not go hungry during the school day.

    The Teachers

    The teachers benefit from the School Nutrition Program because reduced hunger reduces anxiety, moodiness, distraction and it increases the student’s willingness and ability to learn.

    The School

    The school benefit from the School Nutrition Program because it is a part of education and contributes substantially to the health and welfare of the students and provides for a more positive student attitude and increased participation.

    The Local Economy

    The local economy benefits from the School Nutrition Program because it is a vast market for foods, equipment, and supply purchases.

    The Nation

    The nation benefits from the School Nutrition Program because our greatest national resource is our children. A program that contributes to the growth and development of the nation benefits all.