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Location Job Title Name Phone Email
Food Service Office Food Services Director Nancy Cohen 602-764-7901 ncohen@phoenixunion.org
Food Service Office Nutrition Administrator Robert Dockstader 602-764-7902 dockstader@phoenixunion.org
Food Service Office Admin. Specialist Lily Hernandez 602-764-7900 lhernandez2@phoenixunion.org
Food Service Office Accounting Rhonda Bishop 602-764-7907 bishop@phoenixunion.org
Center for Educational Excellence Buyer - Purchasing Irma Hernandez 602-764-1415 ihernandez@phoenixunion.org
Food Service Office Hospitality Coordinator Angela Murietta 602-764-7903 amurrieta@PhoenixUnion.ORG
Food Service Field Supervisor Glenn Piccolo 602-764-7905 gpiccolo@phoenixunion.org
Food Service Field Supervisor Jessica Archibeque 602-764-7906 archibeque@PhoenixUnion.org
Food Service Field Supervisor Geovany Argueta-Flores 602-764-7904 argueta-flores@phoenixunion.org
Food Service Field Supervisor Tonya Smith 602-764-7909 tsmith@phoenixunion.org
Alhambra Cafeteria Manager Alvina Martinez 602-764-6265 amartinez2@PhoenixUnion.ORG
Trevor Browne Cafeteria Manager TBD 602-764-8646 TBD
Camelback Cafeteria Manager Isela Barnett 602-764-7096 ibarnett@phoenixunion.org
Central Cafeteria Manager Yvonne Zaragoza 602-764-7690 yzaragoza@phoenixunion.org
Carl Hayden Cafeteria Manager Lourdes Martinez 602-764-4317 lmartinez@phoenixunion.org
Maryvale Cafeteria Manager Yeiny Martinez 602-764-2145 ymartinez1@phoenixunion.org
North Cafeteria Manager Guadalupe Canez Whittington 602-764-6602 gcanezwhittington@phoenixunion.org
South Mountain Cafeteria Manager Frances Farinas 602-764-5185 farinas@phoenixunion.org
Cesar Chavez Cafeteria Manager Veronica Corral 602-764-4076 vcorral@phoenixunion.org
Betty Fairfax Cafeteria Manager Esta Hendrix 602-764-9075 ehendrix@phoenixunion.org
Bioscience Grill Specialist Mary Helen Canez 602-764-5607 mcanez@phoenixunion.org
Bostrom Grill Specialist Dulce Yanez 602-764-1720 dyanez@phoenixunion.org
Franklin Grill Specialist Mary Ann Gauna 602-764-0208 gauna@phoenixunion.org
Linda Abril Grill Specialist Devin Watson 602-764-0083 dwatson@phoenixunion.org
Phoenix Coding Academy Grill Specialist Ofelia Enciso 602-764-5718 oenciso@PhoenixUnion.ORG
Wilson Kitchen Assistant Alma Gallego 602-764-9622 agallego1@phoenixunion.org
Desiderata Kitchen Assistant Joann Warren 602-764-0827 jwarren@phoenixunion.org