Searching the Library Catalog

  • When searching the Library Catalog for topics like Shakespeare, use a Keyword or Subject search.

    Common Search Terms to try: Shakespeare, Shakespearean, Elizabethan, The Globe, Renaissance, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespearean Era, Elizabethan Era or Age, Shakespearean Age, Shakespeare's time, Shakespeare's Globe, Life during Shakespeare's time, and variations of such.

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Library Books

  •  Here are a few examples of library books about the life and times of Shakespeare.
     shakespeare shakespeare 2

Recommended Library Databases

  • *EBSCO- select Literary Reference Center
    *GALE/CENGAGE- select Literature Resource Center
     PUHSD Library Online Databases
    Databases are subscriptions purchased by PUHSD to help students find authoritative information. There is automatic access from any computer in PUHSD. For remote access, you must have the username and passwords—ask library staff for updated cards with logins.