• S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Seminar
    Students Understanding Concepts Connecting Education and Social Skills
    Mission Statement:
    Transition: focusing on behavior, goals (based on strengths, preferences, interests, and training)
    Upon placement, the program focuses on preparing students for life after high school, including:
    • education / training skills.
    • social / emotional skills.
    • independent / adult living skills.
    Course Description:
    Two-semester course, grade level 9, 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisite: IEP Team Decision
    The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Seminar class is designed for students placed in Special Education programs who have exhibited inappropriate behavior in a majority of classes. The course teaches students to recognize appropriate and inappropriate behavior as it relates to others. Students will:
             (a) gain personal insights and discover how inappropriate behavior affects theirlives and others
             (b) gain better control over their lives and become more responsible for their actions
             (c) learn to communicate more effectively
             (d) become better decision makers
             (e) gain a better self-image.
    The course may be repeated for credit.
    Program Synopsis:
    SUCCESS Seminar is a support program that focuses on self-advocacy and building student independence.  SUCCESS Seminar is a course that counts as an elective credit and is an IEP team placement decision. The standards of SUCCESS Seminar are aligned with Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards. The curriculum focuses on:
    • self-awareness
    • self-management
    • social awareness
    • social management 
    Support groups and social groups are provided to students per IEPs.
    Case Manager's Role:
    • reviews grades and attendance
    • facilitates progress in the general education classroom
    • monitors student progress towards IEP goals
    • acts as liaiason between students, parents, general education teachers and support staff
    • develops and implements student IEPs