• Be on-time, seated quietly, and ready to work when the last bell rings.  Remember to pick up your assignments (in the baskets by the door) before you head to your seat.  Start your bellwork immediately.
    • Bring your science notebook to class every day.
    • Be silent and attentive when the teacher is addressing the class.
    • NO food, gum or drinks are allowed in the classroom or laboratory (the only exception is bottled water).
    • Respect the property of others, including the property provided by the school or the teacher.
    • Do your own work.  Copying another student's work is considered cheating and will result in no credit on that assignment for both students.
    • Clean up after yourself (toss trash, return supplies, stack books, and either tuck in or put up chairs).
    • Graffiti, tagging, destruction or vandalism of school property will not be tolerated and will result in a referral.



    EverySpartan Everyday At  Camelback

    Punctual                       On time, ready to learn

    Prepared                      Binder, agenda, pencil, homework ready

    Presentable                  ID on, food and drinkdiscarded, clothing & accessories per the dress code

    Polite                            Hat and headphones removed and phones putaway upon entry

    Participation                 Attend, engage, and display theSpartan Work Ethic