• Athletic Clearance 

    High School Clearance
    Student athletes need several documents completed to participate in any sport.  These include:
    1)  An Athletic Emergency Information Card
    1.  Print and fill out the PUHSD Emergency Information Card.
    2.  Submit form with the Clearance Packet. 
    2)  Parent and student consent forms (This is necessary every school year)
    1.  Both parents and students view the Sports Risk video.
    3.  Sign the form where required.
    5.  Submit both forms with the Clearance Packet.
    3)  PUHSD Athletic Participation Eligibility Regulation (if you are new to South)
    1.  Visit the AIA Transfer Student Eligibility website.
    2.  Follow all directions exactly as you see them; failure to do so may result in an ineligible student-athlete.
    4.  Submit the form with the Clearance Packet. 
    5.  Follow-up with South's Athletics office to make sure they receive your documentation from the AIA.
    4)  Copy of Insurance Card (This is necessary every school year)
    5)  Concussion/MTBI forms
    2.  Student athletes print and sign the form where required.
    3.  Student athletes complete the Brainbook Concussion Class online.
    4.  Print the certificate at the end of the class.
    5.  Submit both forms with the Clearance Packet. 
    6)  Physical form
    1.  Only AIA-approved physical form will be accepted.
    2.  Download and print the AIA Annual Preparticipation Evaluation form.
    3.  Download and print the AIA Annual Preparticipation Examination form.
    4.  Visit your family doctor or a clinic that performs athletic physicals before the season's start date.
    5.  Submit completed forms with the Clearance Packet.
    7)  Signatures on every form where required
    NCAA Clearinghouse Information
    Student-athletes who plan to attend a Division 1, 2, or 3 school and play a sport must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
    After registering, student-athletes will need the following:
    1)  A copy of your official transcript sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center after you have completed six high school semesters;
    2)  Complete the SAT or ACT test and send those results to the Eligibility Center;
    3)  Pay the registration fee (this may be waived if you are eligible to receive a waiver for the SAT or ACT test.  See your counselor for more information).
    Student-athletes are responsible for updating their athletic and academic information and must finalize their information four months before entering college.  Upon high school graduation, final transcripts and proof of graduation must be sent to the Eligibility Center.
Last Modified on November 1, 2013