• Practice Information 

    Conditioning Schedule
    Conditioning for the 2013-14 season begins September 9 and continues through October November 2. The times are as follows:
    Mondays - 4:15 pm.
    Tuesdays - 4:15 pm.
    Thursdays - 4:15 pm (Open Gym afterward)
    Saturdays - 8 am (Open Gym)
    While attending conditioning does not guarantee a spot on the varsity roster, missing conditioning days can hurts your chances.  I strongly urge all girls basketball players on all levels to participate in conditioning.
    Practice Schedule
    Tryouts officially begin November 4th.  Only students athletes who are cleared for the winter sports season are eligible to tryout.  To learn how to become eligible to play, visit the Athletic Clearance page.
    After tryouts, practice begins at 4:00pm for the Freshmen and JV teams.  Varsity practice begins at 5:00pm.  Practices are Mondays through Saturdays, unless your coach tells you otherwise.
Last Modified on October 31, 2013