Camelback High School Advisory Program

    Advisory is a support system for students designed to increase campus and community connections, develop meaningful relationships, and support academic success. Students earn 1/4 credit per semester.


    Tips to be successful during Advisory

    Do your homework.

    Work with classmates in small study groups.

    Attend assigned tutoring.

    Meet with your mentor.

    Get signed out by teachers to get the help you need.

    Organize your backpack, binder, and notebook.

    Update your agenda with due dates and upcoming events.

    Remember: if you need help, ask!

    Create study guides and flash cards from your class notes.



    Advisory Structure

    First 7 minutes:

    • Teacher takes attendance and displays announcements.
    • Students sign out to travel and show teacher signed agenda. Agenda must be signed prior to the start of advisory. The only exceptions are for counselor call clips, requests from office, and for special service such as speech, hearing, etc.
    • Teacher checks agendas for all students and verifies destination.

    Travel Bell Rings:

    • Students who are traveling go directly to next location.
    • Students remaining in class work quietly to get homework done.
    • Teachers: check student grades, conference with students, tutor, and/or contact parents or teachers.

    No Travel Friday:

    Fridays are non-traveling days. Friday activities can include: grade checks, attendance checks, Advisory requirement checks, competitions within advisory or between advisories, homework completion, etc.