• Vocabulary for Paper Making

    Deckle- the removable frame which fits on and around the mold to contain the pulp and determine the size of the sheet.

    Mold - a wooden framed screen or other surface used to support and form paper fibers.

    Slurry - A mixture of pulp and water.

    Pulp - The broken down fibrous material that remains after the recyclable paper is soaked in water and pureed in a blender.

    Vat - A large tub or bucket used to hold the slurry for papermaking.

    Waterleaf - A newly formed wet sheet of paper.

    Couching - to transfer the wet paper from the mold to a drying area.

    Fibrous - Made of fibers.

    Fiber - A thin strand (usually microscopic) that comes from the tissue of plants.

    Inclusions -  Decorative fillers, such as dried flowers, that are included in the slurry for paper making.