• Phoenix Union High School District Gifted Programs

    In Phoenix Union, students with exceptional abilities and talents are found in all cultural and linguistic groups, in all economic levels, in all geographic areas, in all domains of intelligence and in groups of individuals who also have disabilities.

    Every year we review and revise our Gifted Guide as we continuously evolve to meet the needs of our gifted learners.  Our Gifted Guide describes our evaluation and identification process, our continuum of services for students, parent resources, and ways we support the social emotional needs of the gifted learners.

    PXU provides a rigorous curriculum and learning experience for the gifted learner while they access the Arizona Academic Standards, National Association for Gifted Children K-12 Standards, Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, and the PXU Standards. This document responds to changes in legislation and rules, and allows for easy accessibility and revision.

    PXU honors the legislative requirements to support gifted education, found in the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 15, and included methods from the Project Bright Horizon: Jacob K. Javits Gifted & Talented Education Grant Program, as well as other state and national resources. 

    For questions pertaining to gifted education services in PXU, please contact your student’s campus and ask to speak with the Gifted Facilitator, or contact the ESS Director at 602-764-1024.

    Resources in our community you may find valuable pertaining to Gifted Education include:

    Arizona Association of Gifted and Talented

    Arizona Department of Education – Gifted Education

    National Association for Gifted Children

    Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted 

  • If you have questions regarding Gifted Programs in Phoenix Union, you may reach the campus Gifted Facilitator by phone or email, with contact information provided below.