• A Reflection Should Include:

    ·         How did I feel?

    ·         What did I perceive?

    ·         What did I think about the activity?

    ·         What did the activity mean to me?

    ·         What was the value of the activity?

    ·         What did I learn from the activity and how might this learning (for example, a change of perspective) apply more widely?


    If the activity is service, you might also want to consider ethical questions such as:


    ·         What is a service?

    ·         Why is service to the family not considered as a service?

    ·         Am I trying to help or empower people with a service?

    ·         What obligation do I have to the person who is being served?

    ·         How do I finish a service relationship?

    ·         What do I do if the person does not want my service?