• Betty H. Fairfax High School Profile
    Year School Opened: 2007
    Mascot: Stampede
    School Colors: Midnight Blue and Columbia Blue
    Data  Betty H. Fairfax High School
    Student Enrollment:  1,950.
    Attendance Rate:   88.2%
    4-year Graduation Rate:   80.1%
    Students on Free and Reduced Lunch:     58.0%
    Teaching Faculty: 83
    Educational Support Staff    69
    Arizona State Letter Grade    C


    School Diversity
    Hispanic: 58.9%%
    Black: 20.9%
    Anglo: 6.3%
    Native American: 7.6%
    Asian: 2.6%
    Other 3.8%
    Special Programs
    International Baccalaureate
    Partner Districts
    Laveen, Riverside