• CCHS History  

    Cesar Chavez High School (CCHS) opened in 1999 and was named after Cesar Chavez, a great man who dedicated his life to helping improve the working conditions of farmworkers in this country.
    Cesar Chavez (1927-1993) was a great humanitarian and social activist. The son of migrant laborers, Cesar Chavez was a "voice for the voiceless" representing the many migrant farmworkers who labored in the fields of California and Arizona for pennies a day. He peacefully advocated for better wages, work conditions, and the safety of migrant farmworkers. He went on numerous hunger strikes and marches on the state capitols. His tireless leadership and extraordinary efforts eventually led to the changes of the laws and policies on the improvements of these laborers' poor working conditions.  Cesar Chavez made a difference by exercising a fundamental human quality, a genuine love for his fellow men.

    Cesar Chavez was a common man with an uncommon vision.  His motto in life "Sí Se Puede" (Yes, it can be done) embodies the unique and invaluable legacy he left to the world and remains relevant and inspiring today for us all. Since his death in 1993, many schools, streets, and parks in California, Arizona, and nationwide have been named/renamed after him.


    We are honored to be a school that is named after such a great Champion of humanity. Si Se Puede!