• Bioscience Senior Grade Level Experience 2022-2023
     Senior Grade Level Teachers
     Teachers: Top Left: Ms. Ashley Burkart; Top Right: Mr. Ryan Heisel;
    Bottom Left: Ms. Kristen Van der Linden; Bottom Right: Mr. Milton Johnson

    Senior Year Essential Question

    How do I meaningfully engage with and contribute to a world in constant change?


    Bioscience High School Internship Program:

    As a requirement for graduation from BHS, the Bioscience High School Internship Program is a capstone experience designed to support our school mission, providing senior students with opportunities to observe and work side by side with professionals in a variety of fields. Throughout the program, students explore numerous career choices related to their interests, and engage in classroom inquiry and practice to prepare for workplace service. These experiences are opportunities for them to apply the skills, knowledge, and understanding developed in their courses. Experiences like the internship program help students stand out during the college admission process. Please see the Bioscience High School Internship Manual for more information.


    Bioscience High School Better World Project:

    The BWP is an opportunity for students to engage in a real-world problem or challenge while developing life skills. This year-long project allows for a transdisciplinary approach to learning in a fun and engaging way. As students identify and focus on addressing a community challenge about which they are passionate,  they will synthesize and develop a broad and powerful skill set as they learn how to overcome challenges. After identifying a challenge about which they have a personal connection or deep interest, students will interact and communicate with stakeholders and will implement an intervention for their selected challenge. At the end of the school year, students will present to their peers and community a summary of their BWP experience. Please see the Bioscience High School Better World Project-Senior Experience Folder for more information.


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