• Bioscience High School Freshmen Experience 2022-2023

    Yearlong Essential Question- How do I make sense of the world? 

    Grade Level: 9
    Phone: 602-764-5600
    Number of Semesters: 2
    Credits: .5 Credits Each Semester


    Freshman Team


    Mr. Ben Anderson (Humanities) 
    Ms. Summer Martin (Health/Fitness)
    Ms. Ruby Reyes (Spanish) 

    Required Materials for the Freshmen Experience

    Required: All students are required to bring seven(7) bound composition notebooks, pens, pencils, 6 pocket folders with prongs, 1” three-ring binder. Highly Recommended: 2 clear rolls of tape, erasers, pencil sharpener, 2 packs of notecards, mini-stapler, 1 pack of markers, 1 pack of colored pencils, pencil case, scissors, flash drive, compact Spanish-English dictionary, 1 disinfectant/clorox wipes, 2 boxes of tissue.