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Hi everyone!

I'm going to start by telling you all how much I miss you. Seriously. I'm just going to start having coverstations with my dogs pretending they're random students. 

Unfortunately we don't have too many answers right now. The best thing I can do is direct you to the phoenix union website if you have questions about how long this may last and resources for you and your family.

The good news: School is not over. We will be moving to an online format using teams. I want to give you guys a week to log in (using office 365) and make sure you can find the class page. Please reply to a post I make on your class page so I know who has access. I will start calling home if you don't show up!


Your To-Do List:

1. Email me. Let me know you are ok.

2. Log into TEAMs. You must use your student email to get into the class. I suggest downloading the app if you will be using your phone. Play around on TEAMs, a lot of your classes will be using it. For this class make sure you are clicking the one that starts with S2 (semester 2). Reply to the post so I know you've figured it out.

3. Rest and make sure you are healthy.

4. In about a week or so I will post an assignment. I will also be uploading videos with more infromation and lectures. 



Don't know your email? You can find it in your student view.