• Name:  Roberta Laguna
    Subjects / Classes Taught:  ESL Academic Reading Intermediate 3-4;  French 3-4, French 5H-6H, French AP
    Degree(s): A. B., Wilson College;  M.Ed., ASU
    Email: laguna@phoenixunion.org


    for additional content:
    • Room #6110
    • Office Hours  2:40 - 3:30 PM   M T W Th
    • Textbook(s) Name(s)  T'es branche  Levels 1 2 3 4
    • Plan for Success
    • Teaching Philosophy  Everyone can learn.  Come for help after school.  Advisory is usually for makeup.
    • Expectations Students will listen attentively and treat all others respectfully.  Students will participate when directed.
    • Classroom Policies/Rules   Sign in if late.   Sign out for restroom;  limit  3 times per semester.  If emergency, okay.   If student is present and work is assigned to be handed in, it must be submitted.   Work may be made up if score is less than 60%.   Quizzes and tests may be made up if score is less than 60%.   Any make-up work must be done in Advisory or after school by appointment in the presence of the teacher.  If making up a quiz or a test, the student will fill out a request form seeking approval, indicating what the student will do to improve.  Permission may be withheld.