• Tutoring Options for Students at South Mountain

    Academic success is important at South Mountain. All students are encouraged to seek out opportunities within the school and outside the school day if they are struggling in any of their classes.

    There are many ways in which students can get academic assistance on campus: 

    Academic Assistance/Tutoring Options

    Saturday Tutoring and Concept Recovery

    Saturday School and Concept Recovery are held most Saturdays in the library from 8:00am-12:00pm. See advisor for more information.

    After School Tutoring/Homework Time

    After School Tutoring is held Monday/Thursday from 3:15-5:00pm in the library/IMC

    After School Tutoring with a Teacher

    One on one or small group tutoring sessions after school with a specific teacher. Up to teacher discretion.

    Advisory Travel/Assistance

    Advisory travel occurs Monday-Thursday. Students must get signed out by a teacher prior to traveling.

    Early Morning Study Time in the Library

    The library opens daily at 7:00am.

    Lunch Study Time in the Library

    The library is open daily at lunch.

    Private/Paid Tutoring

    Parents may arrange outside tutoring for their child. See counseling for information.

    Parent/Guardian Involvement

    Options include: parent/guardian meeting with counselor, parent/guardian meeting with Advisor, and/or parent/guardian attends school event.


    See your Advisor or counselor for more information. 

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